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Most distributor arrangements were in a mess and could provide little tangible benefit to the producer. Bringing distributors under control helped our clients demonstrate a higher margin through the distributor channel than through direct sales.


Our Solution

• We deployed online Distribution Partner/Dealer Management solutions as web and mobile enabled distribution networks which helps distributors collaborate with business partners, wholesalers, retailers, financial institutions and logistics providers for better pricing, control and smoother supply chain.

• Supply chain activities (ordering, inventory management, sales, etc) are accomplished via the internet and via mobile devices. The System Process involves distributors taking orders from wholesalers and/or retailersover the internet through web and mobile enabled applications

• Orders are fulfilled in conjunction with financial institutions (e.g. banks) and logistics service providers who also have access to the web solution over the internet. Wholesalers receive orders into their warehouses through the web solution as well

Impact Made Over the years, we have implemented our Partner Management Solution to several operators in Nigeria, on the continent of Africa and beyond.

Channel Partner Management

Client Name: 9mobile Date: 01/11/2011 till Date Location: Nigeria (all 36 states)

We deployed Channel Partner Management Solution (CPMS) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) for Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services in April 2012. It has also been used to manage the relationship of EMTS with its dealers across all the states of Nigeria

Trade Automation Solution

Client Name: MTN Date: 07/01/2013 till Date Location: Nigeria, Ghana

We deployed a Dealer Management as well as Sales Force Automation System for MTN Ghana, which is one of the largest GSM operator in Ghana. The implementation allowed us to capture data across the entire chain as well as manage the stakeholders involved in the whole supply chain process. time via an active map

Partner Management Solution

Client Name: Globacom Limited Date: 01/10/2013 to 28/02/2017 Location: Nigeria, Ghana, Benin

Globacom Limited is a major telecommunication operators in Nigeria and Ghana. We deployed a Partner Management System mainly to help give visibility of their distribution network and also provide transparency to its distributors in the incentive schemes offered by the company.